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By Maha Alsharif


Image: Alserkal Avenue, Dubai, UAE.

Image: Alserkal Avenue, Dubai, UAE.

Eight galleries in Dubai’s Alserkal Avenue collectively opened their spaces on Saturday, the 20th of January to preview new exhibitions and artworks. The event, which ran all afternoon, included a range of interesting concepts and inspiring works by international artists. Starting at 1x1 Art Gallery, we found an extensive exhibition of Modernist Indian Masters visually claiming the identity of their nation; at Ayyam Gallery playful and colourful 3d wall installations; at Gallery Isabelle Van Den Eynde a multi-perspective dive into the mysteries of subconscious; at Lawrie Shabibi a great gallery takeover initiative showcasing aesthetic means of displacement; at Galerie Elmarsa an introspective view of contemporary Tunisian society; at Green Art Gallery a disturbing metaphysical interrogation of “human rights”; at Grey Noise a minimalist yet very resonant exploration of structure and texture; and finally at Carbon 12 a creatively executed futuristic take on tribal masks that unfolds to give each unique mask a story. Find more about the exhibitions and The Art Cricket's favourites.

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